Way To Use One Mic for Guitar and Vocals


Recording your song on acoustic guitar and vocals at the same time at one mic would be something crazy but fun.

People don’t really practice to do this all at once as they might lose the vibe at some point so to correct the situation overdubbing the guitar and vocals second is the most preferred choice for a real performance.

However, practicing the use of one mic for guitar and vocals is actually possible, and only one microphone is required to do this.

One needs to understand the use and type of microphone you need to use is essential surely.

One Mic for Guitar and Vocals

Recording with one mic and guitar!

People might not know, but through the viewer’s point of view, there are multiple benefits of using one mic for guitar and vocals as some songs don’t require a set tempo or meter, and that can be a challenge to meet.

Recording a guitar/ vocal performance at once assists the performer in having both parts in sync and on time.

Newcomers to music recording might not prefer to record it at once with both guitar and vocals at one mic, following the expert tips, they can surely do the job well.

Getting DI guitar and a vocal mic is the easiest way to do the job; however, guitar sound might not be great.

DI’s guitar picks up built-in guitar pickup produces thin, harsh, along with compresses sounding parts. The quality and authentic sound aren’t picked, but here an acoustic guitar can do the job for acoustic guitar recordings.

The set-up of one close mic is easy, and that is really comfortable and familiar for the performer that may be used for stage kind of setup based on their experiences.

For people who don’t have time to record it all differently can go for these sort of performance and get a quality track ready in no time.


The final verdict

We can surely conclude that the use of one microphone along with the guitar at once is good and possible.

In addition, placing of mic means height, and distance carries a significant role in deciding how to record it all at once with an authentic feel.

You can record acoustic guitar and vocals at the same time for saving your time and doing it in the authentic vibe. You can follow up on the details and expert tips stated above.