Does Using Bluetooth Headphones Drain The Phone Batteries?


Audiophiles are in love with their sound gadgets, such as headsets and earphones. Advanced technology is providing newer aspects every day, and Bluetooth headphones are one of them that eradicate the use of wires.

However, people often encounter the problem that using Bluetooth headphones drain the phone battery if used excessively. We are here assisting with easy to comprehend guide regarding use of Bluetooth headphones.

Bluetooth headphones drain the phone batteries!?

Advanced technology is growing at a faster rate and introducing new models of phones, but smartphone battery life isn’t the ideal one to meet the requirements of people.

A smartphone is a device that people use for multiple purposes, and using Bluetooth headphones is one of them for entertainment.

In the 90s, when Bluetooth was introduced, it seemed that it consumed a lot of battery. The consumption of power that it does is hard to say. Better power has improved significantly in between this period of evolution.

When it came to smartphones like iPhone X to a smartphone ten years ago, then battery capacity has got tripled.

Iphone X

However, not to forget Bluetooth technology has also evolved itself adapted for meeting the expectation of the new consumers.

Wireless headphones, speakers, cars, and even toothbrushes now have the supply of devices for connecting to smartphones.

The primary goal of Bluetooth was to transfer data as a substitute for a data cable. Bluetooth has kept up with the changing landscape.

Coming back to the topic of understanding if Bluetooth headphones consume more battery than wired one, then surely yes.

You can discover different electronic microchips in phones and a processor of four and several others in the process.


Every chip in the smartphone that is active is using the power you can consider for turning off the unwanted options such as wifi and assist in saving in draining less power.

It is accurate to say that Bluetooth headphones take up a lot of battery, whereas wired ones don’t consume up this much.

The reason behind the drainage of battery with Bluetooth headsets is due to the extra layer of processing that is required to convert audio signal to a BT compatible one before transmitting it that doesn’t exist in a wired headset.

It also varies by a device that generally has to do great with processing power. Additionally, the answer to the question can be negligible that you are wearing and using the headphones as that is highly dependent on power.