Ep 25: The problem with "Cool Girl" feminism -- The Practical Feminist

Topic: When is a feminist not a feminist?

There might not be a perfect feminist, but the "Cool Girl" feminist isn't really a feminist at all. Laura and Ruth talk about the dangers - to feminism and other women - of seeking male approval for feminism. Side note: We also throw Trevor under the bus right at the outset. And then we do it again at the end of the episode. :-)
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* Ivanka Trump's "Cool Girl" Feminism Is Dangerous Because It's Not Really Feminism At All: https://www.bustle.com/p/ivanka-trumps-cool-girl-feminism-is-dangerous-b...
* The Dangers Of The ‘Cool Girl’ Ideal: https://theestablishment.co/the-dangers-of-the-cool-girl-ideal-76e59cf0f6ec