Ep 24: So, you think you're an ally? -- The Practical Feminist

Topic: There is no perfect ally, but here are some things to think about

Just as there is no perfect feminist, Laura and Ruth discuss that there is no perfect ally. In this episode, they discuss how allies sometimes act counterproductively and how we can all be better in our ally-ship.
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* 10 Common Things Well-Intentioned Allies Do That Are Actually Counterproductive - Everyday Feminism: http://everydayfeminism.com/2015/10/counterproductive-allyship/

1. Being quick to marginalize someone else's experience 
2. Choosing not to speak up
3. Responding poorly when held accountable or challenged 
4. Not taking the time to do their own research (and expecting the oppressed to educate) 
5. Seeing themselves as either food or bad
6. Executing initiatives of change without the oppressed people at the table 
7. Creating "mystical negro" (or insert any oppressed group) dynamics 
8. Crying 
9. Giving advice from a place of privilege
10. Believing that being loving and kind are enough